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“This is without doubt the best Noah I have come across. The looks stole my heart from the off, but thankfully the playability and tone are also excellent. And all this from a home grown brand rather than a faceless factory production. Very highly recommended!” – Barry Maz from Got a Ukulele.

The Noah Classic Sunburst tenor was recently reviewed by Ukulele expert, Barry Maz, on the Got a Ukulele website and, in addition to some great comments, it received a very impressive overall score of 9 out of 10.

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The Noah Classic Sunburst was a new addition to the Noah range in 2019. The idea behind the design of this model was to offer something different from previous Noah tenors. Visually, the slotted headstock and sunburst finish set it apart from them, but it’s also quite different both in terms of how it sounds and plays. It has a wider nut (39mm) than the Mahogany and Monkeypod tenors and a slightly wider body shape, being more pronounced on lower and upper bouts. This all makes for a ukulele which feels very comfortable to play, and also gives both a rich tone and excellent projection.

Barry Maz of Got a Ukulele loved the Noah Classic Sunburst Tenor, giving it an overall score of 9 out of 10. Read the full review here and listen to what it sounds like in his video review below.


Body: Solid Mahogany body, back and sides
Top: Spruce
Neck: Solid Maple neck
Nut/Saddle: Bone
Tuners: Chrome Geared tuners
Strings: Set up with Aquila strings
Headstock: Slotted headstock


Finish: Sunburst, available in Satin or Gloss
Case: Supplied with a soft padded case

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Satin, Gloss

24 reviews for Noah Classic Sunburst Tenor

  1. Rod (verified owner)

    I just received this beautiful ukulele, it is really easy to play, the sound is beautiful and sweet, well set up, Love it, Great job. I will recommend to my friends.

  2. david_gallie (verified owner)

    Delighted with this Uke. The wider nut makes it noticeably easier to play and it has a lovely sound and unique and striking looks. Service and delivery were first class too.

  3. malcolmfwardlaw (verified owner)

    Just received my Noah Sunburst tenor. Great looks and sound with first class setup. Very pleased all round

  4. Rita

    Had my sunburst tenor about a week. It looks stunning, sounds impressive in a versatile way, and is great to handle. Easily holds its own with my other ukuleles.

  5. Murray Hearton (verified owner)

    Matt responded very quickly to my inquiry and kept me informed about delivery. The Ukulele was delivered as promised and arrived undamaged. To my eye it looks great, the finish is very good and it feels good to hold. It sounds great, bright with a good jangle and good sustain. When strummed all the strings sound out clearly and when picked it also sounds very good. Overall the sound is balanced, bouncy and enjoyable. The tuners feel good, smooth with no backlash or vagueness that I can feel and the gig bag is a quality item. All in all I’m delighted with my new Uke. Thanks Matt. P.S. my only connection to Noah Ukuleles is as a satisfied customer.

  6. Keith Bryenton (verified owner)

    Kept in touch by Matt on availability etc. Delivery on time and again tracked by Matt himself who passed on all details. The ukulele itself is nothing short of stunning in appearance. Action is excellent the 38 mm nut makes a difference and it has a great tone . This ukulele is well worth the money .Now I am a beginner on the ukulele , hade a Aklot kit to get me started . But this is on another level completely . Unfortunately I am not at a level to do this wonderful instrument justice ( yet ) , but I do have a great ukulele that makes me smile every time I pick it up to play it. And you really can’t ask for more than that. Would recommend to anyone wanting to take that step up.

  7. Michael West

    received my uke a week ago first impressions where wow and after playing constantly for this last week, i’m still buzzing. would recommend to anyone

  8. Lee Armstrong (verified owner)

    I have had this for a few weeks and I’m delighted with it. I went for matt finish and it looks great, less bright than the one on the website pictures or in the Barry Maz review. The tone has real depth and the build quality seems really high. I had a problem with the first one I ordered but Matt replaced it and I was really impressed by the personal service, even down to choosing one that looked as close as possible to the first one I got.. I’m sure it is rare for anything to come out from his business with any issues but if you were worried about buying online without holding the instrument, I can reassure you this company care about their product and their customers.

  9. Paula Payne

    I did a lot of research trying to decide which ukulele to get and eventually opted to go for the sunburst Noah after reading the reviews. Although, for me, it was quite a lot of money for me to spend on a ukulele, the idea of getting a hand built solid ukulele from a small business was very appealing to me. I feel it represents much better value than buying from a bigger company. I thought it looked like a beautiful ukulele and could not find anything to compare. I decided to order the satin electro model. I received it last week and it truly is a beautiful thing. The sound is stunning and the wide nut makes it so playable. I am very pleased with it, the service has been exceptional. Matt answered all of my questions in depth and has been incredibly helpful at every stage of the process, which did involve me dithering about somewhat trying to make up my mind. I would recommend buying from them without hesitation. I am already looking forward to building my collection further because I also want the monkey pod! I will have to wait a bit though.

  10. Hans Mark

    HI everyone, i am a delighted owner of this beautiful instrument. I live in the Netherlands, and was looking for a really good ukelele, instead of the one i had. After research and listening (with good headphones)on you tube I stumbled upon the channel of Barry Maz. And there it was, my Sunny. I tried to order ,but the site did not cooperate.So I contacted Matt, and in less than a week Sunny arrived at my home. First class customer service!!!
    It looks great, i really love sunburst, it sounds great, and i expect it to sound even better in due time. For anyone, if you have doubts, just get in contact with Matt and give yourself a fine instrument. Happy playing! the rating does not seem to work right now, but 5 stars!

  11. John, Yorkshire

    Classic sunburst tenor,satin. This Uke is stunning to look at I absolutely love it,the sound is fabulous it has a bit of everything and not too much of one thing,slight tooling marks but like Baz Maz said,nothing to worry about.It is after all hand made,and all solid wood,I think it’s fantastic quality and value for money,highly recommend.

  12. Russell George (verified owner)

    I already loved my Rosewood/Spruce soprano and Monkeypod concert from Noah so when I decided I wanted a solid tenor there was only one place to start looking. I was not disappointed, this is my favourite Noah yet! Stunning looks, a joy to play and a sweet tone. Hand made at an incredible price with excellent customer service always provided by Matt. I cannot recommend this company and this instrument in particular highly enough.

  13. williamchambers922 (verified owner)

    Just opened the parcel containing my sunburst tenor,it’s everything I hoped for absolutely love it
    Great instrument and great service
    Thanks Matt👍

  14. Mike

    Really pleased with the sound and build of my ukulele.Delivery was on time despite being in lockdown. Highly recommend this site. Thanks Matt.

  15. Barry Cotton

    My classic sunburst tenor arrived last week and I am still smiling .This is a beautiful instrument not only in its looks but more importantly how it sounds. It being hand built makes every uke unique. The 38mm nut is very comfortable and easy to adjust to. The sound is bright yet has a mellow tone. Matt was very helpful,this being my first on-line purchase,I usually buy in store after trying a variety of uke’s. I am one very pleased customer and would highly recommend.

  16. richard1 (verified owner)

    Very happy, arrived set up and almost in tune! Well impressed, looks and plays superbly, I look forward to hours of pleasure, thanks Matt

  17. Su & Jackie

    This sunburst Tenor was brought for me as a surprise and boy was i surprised 🤗.. im overjoyed with it.. lovely craftsmanship, its full sound just rang out.. the only thing i did was put on a low G string… perfect.. Matt was a great help to my other half, who tried very hard to keep it all a secret and succeeded 🥰.. . My usual uke is a concert size, but this is going to be my favourite for sure, a lovely instrument to own, im glad i have my Noah Tenor .. thank you xxxx

  18. Janet M

    My Sunburst Tenor ukulele has arrived safe and sound today in Australia!. It is absolutely stunning and more beautiful than I ever imagined it to be!  I will absolutely treasure it and can’t wait to improve my skills with this beautifully crafted instrument.  
    The wait for shipping was definitely worth it! I am so glad I went out on a limb to have it sent across the world to me! 

  19. Karl (verified owner)

    Lovely instrument. I ordered it after playing a Kala Concert (my first ukulele) for about a year and fancied trying both a Tenor scale instrument and a low G. This one caught my attention after reading a great review at but it didn’t come with a low G. After a quick chat with Matt he offered to fit one at no extra charge and it arrived within a few days of my placing the order. I’ve been extremely pleased with the instrument, which sounds gorgeous – very rich and mellow sound with lots of sustain. It has quite a wide neck, which suits me as I can more easily get my sausage-like fingers side by side on the same fret to make chords like D. It might not be ideal for someone with small hands, however.

  20. graham.elliott49 (verified owner)

    As a beginner I bought a cheapish ukulele to get me started and soon realised I needed something a little more suited to my stubby fingers, after an extensive search I found the Noah range and in particular the Classic Sunburst. The wide nut has cured the “buzz” and it’s a comfortable fit overall, it also fitted with my budget, I couldn’t be happier and looking forward to progressing from beginner stutus, onward and upward. Final praise must go to all concerned at Noah for producing such an excellent instrument and the service in delivering it to me their customer in such a professional manner, well done.

  21. Julie Williams

    I purchased a monkeypod tenor which is fantastic. I love how it looks, feels and sounds. Its awesome strummed and picked. I have six ukuleles, of various sizes and makes including a pono concert but I think the monkey pod is my favourite so far. If you have any queries Matt always replies and is very accommodating. I would recommend Noah ukuleles to anyone, especially since they are all handmade. In fact I am seriously thinking about buying the sunburst and putting low g strings on it so I have one of each! These handmade ones are a bonus over factory ones that everyone has.

  22. Peter Yule (verified owner)

    I ordered my Sunburst Tenor Uke after speaking to Matt a couple of times, I received my uke extremely well packaged, and I have played it a few times and can’t wait to carry on playing. Thank you so much Matt for your patience and help.

  23. iansinden (verified owner)

    I’ve just taken receipt of my Sunburst and am highly delighted with it. It’s a beauty . Excellent service from Matt who answers emails promptly and is extremely helpful even with daft questions! No scratches, tooling marks or glue stains, quality machine heads and a good padded gig bag (unlike some of the cheap plastic bin bags that you sometimes get.) Nicely set up and ready to play. Highly recommended. Grateful thanks to Matt for all his help.

  24. iansinden (verified owner)

    I forgot to mention….if you have chubby sausage fingers then the Sunburst is for you. 39mm nut which makes an incredible difference.

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