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“I’ve been reviewing Noah ukuleles since they first appeared on the market and they are another brand that simply listen and get better with each new iteration. When it comes to design, build quality and tone this one just combines them all in the right way for my tastes.
I’m struggling to find major fault with things here and think I just discovered my absolute favourite Noah yet.  I also think this is a steal of a price for what you are getting considering other brands at this price point. I’d happily have this in my arsenal and it comes very highly recommended.”.

Barry Maz from Got A Ukulele in his review of the Noah Super Tenor in October 2021.


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Every year I aim to bring something new to the Noah range and for 2021, the model I’ve added is the Noah Super Tenor.

Your first question might be what exactly is a Super Tenor? Well, the Noah Super Tenor has a standard tenor neck with a scale length of 17 inches, but has a larger baritone-sized body. The advantage of this is that you get a lovely, richer sound with added depth, but you still retain the GCEA standard ukulele tuning.

In terms of woods, this ukulele has that classic combination of mahogany back and sides with a spruce top. Other features include a slotted headstock, pin bridge and wider nut width of 39mm. It has a gloss finish to the body, but the neck has a satin finish which feels very smooth and comfortable. There is an abalone inlay around the soundhole and also more abalone paired with Indian rosewood for the edge binding.

This model was reviewed on Got A Ukulele in October 2021 and received the highest score yet of any Noah instrument. You can watch the YouTube review below and click here to read the full website review.


Woods: Solid Mahogany body, back and sides, and Sitka Spruce top
Neck: Solid Maple neck
Nut/Saddle: Bone
Tuners: Chrome Geared tuners
Strings: Set up with Aquila strings


Finish: Gloss body with satin neck
Case: Supplied with a soft padded case


13 reviews for Noah Super Tenor

  1. David Walker (verified owner)

    Received my Super Tenor yesterday.Superb uke…Great sound and tone. I put a Low G on…brilliant.
    Thanks Matt

  2. Martin Hill

    Well I have my super tenor. And it is super.
    The jangle of a uke ( when needed) added to the depth, the shimmer and the sustain of a baritone, all with the neck length of a tenor . The sound positively rings . I have kept it high G as I have a baritone and a very high end tenor . This uke combines the best of both and , come on, an all solid , handmade uke for under £300? My second Noah uke for the best of reasons

  3. Alan Seymour

    I’ve now had my new Noah Super Tenor for about 3 weeks now and well worth the wait from placing my order, WOW, I love it, this one was my 2nd Uke from Matt, the first being the Noah Monkypod Tenor which again is just awesome and a joy to play, but different to the Super Tenor, with the Super Tenor the neck is slightly thicker in depth and the sound due to the baritone body, I usually play them both on a session. So what’s next ? Well Defiantly another Noah, I do fancy one with a cutout, lets see what Matt brings with him to The GNUF !!

  4. Steve Wild (verified owner)

    I received my Noah Super Tenor Ukulele last week as an early birthday present to myself. It arrived really quickly and was well packaged. It is a gorgeous looking instrument that plays beautifully with a deep rich tone. The finish is excellent with no sharp fret wires sticking out and lovely abalone trim. I am blown away by the quality of this instrument for the price I paid and so tempted to buy another ukulele from the Noah range but in the meantime I’ll just enjoy the Super Tenor.

  5. helen.wilson2 (verified owner)

    I’m a novice at playing a ukulele and with no musical experience started with a Soprano 6 months ago, I’m absolutely hooked and decided to go for an upgrade on my current uke. Ordered the Noah Super Tenor and so pleased with it, delivery was quick just a few days the Super Tenor looks beautiful and feels great. I cannot fault it at all and now practicing every spare minute to do it justice.

  6. Fid Chetcuti

    I’ m a guitar player and was looking for an easy transition to ukulele. The Super Tenor fits the bill nicely. It looks fantastic, sounds mellow but still bright and crisp. Very pleased with my purchase as the instrument clearly is of high quality, The service from Matt was friendly and professional.

  7. Allan Page (verified owner)

    The Super Tenor is a wonderful ukulele that will meet all of your needs. The ukulele gets a 10/10 from me and is always the choice ukulele when running the ukulele circle. The big sound is great for others to follow with ease. That’s 2 Noah uses in the collection and there’s room for more…

  8. Jason m allen (verified owner)

    Well what can I say ordered Sunday received on the Wednesday so very fast delivery rand matt to inquire about delivery he was very informative and polite very nice guy .. the Noah super tenor is absolutely flawless top quality build no blemishes or marks anywhere and sounds amazing thanks Matt and will definitely recommend to anyone I know

  9. David Turner (verified owner)

    Had my super tenor for 3 months now. I’ve put living water strings on with fremont soloist low g and it sounds beautiful, I think it’s a lovely ukulele.

  10. Mike Moynihan (verified owner)

    I have had my super tenor for 6 months now and it has been an absolute joy. Have been playing uke for 5 years and can really appreciate the wonderful warmth of tone and sustain that it produces. It is definitely my go to uke for finger style. Have strung it with a wound low G.

  11. dave952 (verified owner)

    I bought this Ukulele from Matt 3 weeks ago and I absolutely love the build quality, the appearance, the sweet sounds, the feel and basically everything about it. I only started playing Ukulele a few months ago and hadn’t heard of the Noah brand until I saw a friend had one of the Monkeypod Ukes. I then found the fantastic Barry Maz reviews on YouTube and couldn’t wait to get one for myself.
    I’m now looking forward to getting another Noah Ukulele for my birthday, possibly a Concert size but at the moment I’m finding it hard to decide which one to go for so I’ll get in touch with Matt…..Many thanks again Matt for all your help.

  12. Mike Smith

    Super Tenor Ukulele received first thing this morning Matt and I have to say fabulous! it plays so well straight from being unpacked, the build quality is far better than I ever expected.
    It’ll compliment my Noah Concert nicely and make my little group very jealous.
    Just one other thing which I thought showed great attention to detail the gig bag is great quality so much better than the insipid plastic things that you usually get with other brands.
    Thanks again Matt – very Happy.

  13. petesmithgreenfarm (verified owner)

    Received my Super Tenor this Wednesday strung in low G and I haven’t put it down since. It is a beautifully crafted instrument with a wonderful warm voice.
    Thank you so much Matt, and thanks to Baz Maz for his fantastic review on Got a Ukulele which influenced my purchase.

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