Soprano Ukuleles

Sopranos are probably the size which most people view as the classic, archetypal ukulele, both in terms of appearance and sound. They are usually 21 inches (approx. 53cm) in length and are the smallest of the three main ukulele sizes. Standard tuning is the same as the larger Concert and Tenor ukuleles (GCEA).Due to their smaller size, they offer exceptional portability and also tend to be the size that children will begin to learn on.

A Soprano can be a great ukulele to learn on, but it is important not to think of it merely as a starter instrument as you will also see many professional musicians making it their ukulele size of choice. Noah Soprano ukuleles are available in a range of different solid woods and also with the option of a fishman sonitone preamp for anyone looking to plug in!

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