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I’m very excited to add a Long Neck Soprano to the Noah range. At various ukulele festivals and events over the years, I’ve spoken to countless people who have told me that they are not keen on Soprano-sized ukuleles. The reason for this has not generally been anything to do with the sound, but a perception that the fretboard is too cramped and therefore makes the instrument difficult to play effectively. The Noah Long Neck Soprano comes with a nut width of 37mm and a concert scale neck, making it very comfortable to play and hopefully a ukulele which can be enjoyed by anyone.

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The Noah Long Neck Soprano is an exciting new addition to the Noah range. It is made using all solid Monkeypod, and has an attractive slotted headstock. It has a nut width of 37mm, which is wider than most standard Sopranos and this has been done to make it a really comfortable instrument to play. For anyone not familiar with a long neck soprano, this basically means that the body of the instrument has the dimensions of a soprano, but it has a concert scale neck. The Noah Long Neck Soprano has 18 frets in total, and joins the body at the 14th fret.

The idea behind them is that they offer more fret space and room to move, but still retain the lovely brightness which you are looking for from a soprano ukulele.

Some ukulele players will say that they find Sopranos a bit cramped but with the longer scale neck and wider nut, I think this is definitely a Soprano that everyone can enjoy playing.  Like all Noah instruments, it’s constructed using only all-solid woods and other high quality materials. It is supplied with Aquila strings and a soft padded case.


Body: Solid Monkeypod body, back and sides, and top
Neck: Solid Maple neck
Nut/Saddle: Bone
Headstock: Slotted
Strings: Set up with Aquila strings


Finish: Available in gloss
Case: Supplied with a soft padded case

2 reviews for Noah Long Neck Soprano

  1. ronjohn100 (verified owner)

    This ukulele is stunning! The finish (gloss) is superb and I love the look of the instrument. It’s sounds bright with good volume. Hope I can do it Justice with my playing.

    Ron S

  2. gilby1963 (verified owner)

    I received my long neck monkeywood soprano last week and spent the first couple of days just looking at it! The quality and look is amazing.
    It sounds great, even with my limited ability and I’m sure it will help me become a better player.

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