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Noah Electro Monkeypod

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“The Noah Monkeypod electric really is gorgeous. The sound is beautiful and the intonation is spot on right up the fretboard. If anyone asked me to recommend a uke, I’d certainly tell them to buy a Noah”. Alison Benson, a performance winner at the GB Ukulele Festival, loves our handmade, all-solid wood ukuleles – and we think you will too!

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The Noah Electro Monkeypod has proved very popular with ukulele players looking for a handmade instrument that not only sounds great, but looks beautiful as well. Like all our instruments, it’s constructed using only all-solid woods and other high quality materials. It is supplied with Aquila strings and a soft padded case.

The Noah Electro Monkeypod benefits from the addition of a Fishman Sonitone preamp, which delivers a dynamic but natural sound, and has adjustable volume and tone controls.

Tricity Vogue, the renowned Ukulele Cabaret performer, said this about her Noah Electro Monkeypod: “I played my Noah for the first time at the GNUF late night cabaret and was delighted with how it sounded when amplified on stage. I also enjoyed passing around my new treasure for ukers at the festival to try. The verdict was resoundingly positive. Great finger-space for plucking, and a nice comfortable action. All in all, a delight to play”. Here’s a video of her perfoming with it at the recent Uke East festival.

Click on the following links to hear different sized Noah Electro Monkeypod ukuleles being played: Noah Electro Monkeypod Soprano; Noah Electro Monkeypod Tenor.


Body: Solid Monkeypod body, back and sides, and top
Neck: Solid Maple neck
Nut/Saddle: Bone
Tuners: Chrome Geared tuners
Strings: Set up with Aquila strings
Pickup: Fishman Sonitone


Finish: Available in satin and gloss
Case: Supplied with a soft padded case
Options: This ukulele is available in soprano, concert and tenor sizes. Also available with a cutaway.

4 reviews for Noah Electro Monkeypod

  1. Bill Muir (verified owner)

    Monkeypod concert Electro Cutaway, I love it, it’s everything I hoped for because I bought it direct from Matt’s website. I based the purchase on reviews from youtube etc. Yes I was a bit apprehensive, but Matt was easy to deal with via email and he even gives you a couple of weeks to make your mind up or your money back! how cool is that. And the uke itself? apart from the the Quality, Value for Money and all the rest, the neck just feels so comfortable to me it just asks to be played again and again, so Well Done Noah Ukuleles!.

  2. billmuir

    I’ve had my Noah Monkeypod Concert Electro Cutaway for a year now, it’s the only one in my collection that i would not part with, end of story. Oh except for one thing, please make an 8 string soon.

  3. Kris (verified owner)

    Purchased a concert with pickup about 18 months ago, and thanks to Matt and his friends via email I successfully tuned it to GDAE to go with my mandolin collection. It is gigged regularly, and sounds amazing through a big PA system. The electrics are crystal clear and the sound cuts through perfectly and sounds lovely with effects. Would recommend 100%

  4. davmando (verified owner)

    David Molloy: I have bought my second noah ukulele, the monkeypod electro concert and I’m very happy indeed. Its gorgeous looking with great sustain and set up, and I’m leaving the Aquila strings on as they really suite the tonal qualities, but I will probably experiment with others in the future. I dealt with Matt directly via this website and he’s great as usual. I asked Matt for advice between this model and another one, a mahogany one and he advised me that this would be the best choice for what I want and I’m so glad that I took Matts advice. I will give a proper review in a couple of months when I’m used to it properly. Incidentally, my other noah uke is an electro Campanella.

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