Noah Rosewood Spruce Tenor

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“I’m happy to state this is another of the ‘best of Noah’ that I have had a chance to look at. Those looks did it for me alone. The price then put a bigger smile on my face, but then you learn that it’s also a joy to play and listen to. What’s not to like? Highly recommended”.

Barry Maz in his review of the Noah Rosewood / Spruce tenor in June 2020.


We had stopped making this model for a period of time due to CITES restrictions which affected the use of Rosewood. However, these restrictions were lifted in 2019, so we have reintroduced it and added some changes to the design.

It now has a similar body shape to the Classic Sunburst and the same slotted headstock. Finally, we have added what we think is an attractive pin bridge which makes string changing even easier.

In terms of sound, the woods complement each other really well, giving not only a sweet tone but also a wonderful projection both when strummed and finger-picked. It is supplied with Aquila strings and a soft padded case. 

This model was reviewed in June 2020 by Barry Maz on the Got a Ukulele website and received an overall rating of 9.1 out of 10! You can watch the YouTube review below and read the full review by clicking here.


Woods: Solid Indian Rosewood body, back and sides, and Sitka Spruce top
Neck: Solid Maple neck
Nut/Saddle: Bone
Tuners: Chrome Geared tuners
Strings: Set up with Aquila strings


Finish: Available in satin or gloss
Case: Supplied with a soft padded case
Options: There is also a Rosewood / Spurce model available in soprano and concert sizes. The tenor is also available with a fishman sonitone.

30 reviews for Noah Rosewood Spruce Tenor

  1. Jan

    So, what do I think of my recently purchased Noah Rosewood Spruce Tenor Ukulele? LOVE IT,LOVE. LOVE IT!!!
    Beautiful to look at and beautifully set up. Lovely action, good intonation right the way up the neck and attention paid to fret finishing. Another nice touch is that it has been personally signed by the maker.All-in-all a very nice instrument to hold and play. Lovely, sweet tone with good projection, My other ukuleles have been parked up since the arrival of the Noah. I did change the Aquila strings for D’Addario pro-arte carbon strings but this is a personal preference.
    I would thoroughly recommend Noah Ukuleles. Excellent value for money and excellent service.

    Many thanks

  2. Daphne

    Had my rosewood tenor for a few days and the sound is fantastic nice and mellow and good intonation very good. Picked the noah after trying many ukues in this price band Bob W

  3. Darren Burns (verified owner)

    Great service Matt,
    I’ve just received my new Noah Tenor Rosewood/Spruce, quality and I love it 👍😁
    Great build quality and a beautiful soft clear sound, and I love the personal touch of the written serial number and person who made it 👍
    Thanks again and if I would of done some real research before purchasing my other Ukes, I would of bought more Noah’s and not Kala.
    Onwards and upwards 👌😁

  4. Andrew Collyer

    I’ve had my Rosewood/Spruce tenor ukulele for about eight months, and I really love it. It is beautifully made and looks fantastic. It is a joy to play. The intonation is accurate right down the neck, the action is good, and it sounds lovely. The tone manages to be mellow and bright and refined all at the same time – it really is exquisite, and the sustain just goes on forever. It’s great for both picking and strumming.
    Six months in, I’d thoroughly worn out the original Aquila strings and replaced them with some Living Water fluorocarbon ones. The uke sounds great with both.

  5. martin s

    I’ve been playing ukes for about 8 years. Soprano and then concert. I decided to move up to tenor because the slightly larger fretboard makes playing more complex chords much easier. After a lot of research I eventually discovered the Rosewood/Spruce model. I settled on buying this one having seen Matt Hicks playing this particular Noah tenor. I’ve had the uke for a few days now and it’s a delight to play. The tone is sweet and bright with good sustain. The pitch at the high frets is perfect. The workmanship is exceptional and if you have the opportunity to buy one of these beautifully crafted, handmade, solid wood ukes then you should. The price is very reasonable and you won’t regret it. Each model has the maker’s name and date made and is viewable through the sound hole. Mine was made by the chief luthier – how fortunate am I? 🙂

  6. Brian Grantham (verified owner)

    I am delighted with my Noah spruce topped rosewood tenor. The fit and finish is flawless. Intonation is spot on with outstanding clarity and sustain.
    The action is spot on. The neck is smooth as butter, making both strumming and finger-picking a breeze.
    After only a few hours it feels like an old friend in whose company I am very comfortable.
    Thank you Matt for your good communications and excellent service.
    Brian G.

  7. DARREN WHITFIELD (verified owner)

    I’ve been looking at Noah for a couple of years. Went for the new Rosewood Tenor and it’s beautiful. Sounds a different class compared to my old Uke. A lovely hand made, all solid Uke 😍

  8. Tony Turnbull

    I wanted a really smart looking uke for my next memorable birthday. I set my mind on this spruce and rosewood tenor but was concerned about the 38 mm nut; it might have been just a tad too wide for my hands. After much useful discussion with Matt, I took the plunge and ordered one. It arrived really promptly and boy, it certainly didn’t disappoint. It is truly beautiful, feels good, looks good and sounds fantastic! (Althought I can’t really play it until July, I’ve had a little while to strum and finger pick). The 38 mm nut is perfect; I won’t be going back to the standard 35 mm. All in all it is a beautiful ukelele and I can certainly recommend Noah ukeleles and the advice and service you get from Matt. I’ll probably be back for another in a little while. Thanks Matt.

  9. adrian john griffiths (verified owner)

    Thanks for a great ukulele and fast turn around.

  10. Nick Smith

    I’m relatively new to the world of Ukes but I knew I needed to upgrade my Amazon cheapy that had got me started. However, I also knew that I didn’t want to go down the route of the mass produced factory Ukes that seem to dominate the marketplace. I’d almost given up due to the lockdown restrictions and decided to wait until I could start visiting the local music shops when I happened along Barry Maz’s brilliant site, it was there I first heard about Matt and Noah Ukes.
    I was after a Tenor and almost at the stage of buying the Sunburst Tenor, when Barry so helpfully posted his review of the Rosewood Spruce Tenor, what can I say – it just hit every tick box; handmade, wider nut, excellent materials, fantastic sound and stunning to look at. I ordered one up and I can honestly say I was even more impressed when I arrived. It makes my cheap Amazon ukes look like toys, the feel, the finish and the sound – even when I’m playing it.
    Long story short – if you’re considering a Noah, don’t procrastinate any longer, you won’t regret it. Only downside – I can’t see this being my last Noah ukulele!

  11. Bec

    I don’t know what to write really. I don’t have a lot of experience with ukuleles, but I wanted to leave a review because I’m over the moon with my Noah Spruce rosewood tenor!
    It is the most fun instrument to play (I am having an absolute blast with it!) and Matt was so helpful with delivering it to me. If you’re on the fence, my recommendation would be to buy one, you won’t be disappointed!

  12. Reg (verified owner)

    This is my first Ukulele. I’m a novice. I decided that I needed something that not only sounded great but looked the part too as it will be used in puppetry/storytelling performances. After reading reviews of many Ukes it seemed obvious that Noahs great reputation for top quality made them the only choice for me. The Rosewood Spruce Tenor sounded great in the on line review..BUT…I wasn’t quite ready for what arrived through the post; this little beauty is STUNNING in build quality, looks and sound…can’t keep my hands off!
    Accomplished musician friends are of the same opinion!!
    Looking for a unique Uke with an abundance of beauty, style and elegance in every aspect? Look no further than Noah!
    Ps It was delivered to me within a few days, very securely parcelled up..and with a great case too!
    Thanks Matt!

  13. Mike Golder

    I’ve had the Rosewood Spruce Tenor now for a week and I swear it gets better and better. I loved the stunning looks and the sound as soon as I opened the packaging. The sound is great, I did change the low G string to a Worth Flourocarbon low G (personal preference) and it is just fantastic. The others in the band admired it’s looks and sound on Zoom when we rehearsed and can’t wait to see it eventually.
    Great craftmanship and fantastic value. Thank you Matt.

  14. Frank Gray

    I’ve had my Noah Spruce/Rosewood Tenor for a couple of weeks now and I must say I am absolutely delighted with it. When my uke arrived (a day earlier than expected) I found it was very well packaged (which is always a good sign); on unwrapping and removing it from the well padded good quality gig bag I was knocked out by the quality and overall appearance, these ukulele’s are of high standard indeed, I could not wait to get my hands on it to play and here I am over two weeks later feeling exactly the same way.
    These uke’s of Matts are some thing special, what I love is that with the odd blemish from the craftsman’s tooling, along with the serial number, date made and Luthier’s signature it makes the ukulele feel unique unlike those super mass produced units with no individuality. With Matts friendly and first class customer service I would have no hesitation in recommending Noah Ukulele’s to anyone and I will be returning to Matt in the near future to make another purchase without a doubt.
    Thanks Matt.

  15. Chris Reed

    Gorgeous tone, beautifully made, and loads of room for fingerstyle. With a well padded bag the price is remarkable.

  16. csumner00 (verified owner)

    I have had my Noah Rosewood and Spruce Tenor for 1 day now and I am very happy with this Ukulele it looks stunning and plays incredibly well a really well made unit.
    I had several communications with Matt who was very helpful discussing different options and for me to make up my mind which unit to buy.
    I am really glad I went for the Rosewood and Spruce first, I will be purchasing a Mahogany with the Pickup next as this also looks great in the near future.
    These Ukulele’s are brilliant for the price as Hand Made units can cost many times more so all in all you cannot go wrong with the Noah Ukulele just buy one and you will not be sorry ideal for the beginner or experienced player.
    Thanks Matt for all your help.

  17. David from NJ, USA

    Just received my uke and I couldn’t be happier. Everything about it is top notch, right down to the abalone fret markers and headstock logo. Stunning looks and substantial build, it just screams quality. I was on the fence about whether or not to get the sunburst finished, and I’m so happy that I did. A bright, clear, lovely sound with crazy sustain. I was planning on changing the strings to fluorocarbons, but it’s really not necessary. The best bang for your ukulele buck going.

  18. Jon Sadler

    Waited with baited breath for this one after Baz’s review. Arrived earlier this month as scheduled. All solid wood it looks brilliant and sounds magnificent. Oodles of sustain and a sweet bright sound. The rosewood mellows the spruce very well. On the sound/quality for value/price ratio. It’s a no brainier. Buy it. A top ukulele at near entry prices. Went for satin as a finish. It’ll mark if you are not careful. If you are heavy handed go for gloss.

  19. Gideon

    I took me a while to decide which uke to buy and then another 2 weeks due to corona and brexit (ordered from Germany) till it arrived. Because of brexit I had to pay customs but the Moment I played the first few chords I realized it was worth it. It has such a great volume and looks so neat. It also fits very comfortably in your hand.
    The case is well padded so there weren‘t any damages on it‘s long journey.
    Thanks again Matt for your help and effort with the shipping.

  20. coopesean

    This is my first ever Ukulele and I followed the saying, buy quality. I’ve literally spent weeks and weeks considering all types of Ukuleles and the different brands. The truth is I could have saved all that time and picked my original choice, the Noah Rosewood Spruce.

    Even to my inexperienced eye this oozes quality workmanship and heart aching beauty.The tone is incredible and has impressed everyone that’s heard it. Who would have thought such volume could be heard from such a small musical instrument.

    I have heard reviews where it’s been mentioned that there are tooling marks that come with the hand making process but mine seems faultless. I think you would pay considerably more from any other brand to attain the same standard that the Noah brand offers.

    Don’t prevaricate, buy one, even if it’s just to hang on the wall. Trust me though, you play this ukulele and you won’t want to put it down.

  21. paulgould (verified owner)

    I bought this as I fancied a tenor as an alternative to my concert, and Matt kindly fitted a low G string before sending it out. It looks gorgeous and has a lovely clear but mellow sound. Other reviews have mentioned the odd tooling mark, and mine is no different here, but there’s nothing that detracts from the overall appearance and as others have said, they remind you that this is a hand-built instrument rather than something mass-produced.

    It comes with a well-padded gig bag, and although I tend to prefer hard cases, I don’t see any immediate need to replace it. My only criticism of the bag is that the zip stops at the “5 o’clock” position on the lower bout rather than going further around. This restricts the opening of the bag and makes it a bit more difficult to remove and insert the ukulele.

    Overall, I couldn’t be happier. I just need to get used to the longer scale and wider fretboard now!

  22. Peter Welham

    Recently purchased a Noah Spruce/Rosewood electro Tenor, fantastic ukulele, nice action, beautifully made by a skilled craftsman highly recommend, where else could you buy a handmade uke from solid wood under £400. Honestly I cannot see these ukulele’s staying at these prices for much longer, buy one you’ll not be disappointed (I now have 2)

  23. Jonathan R (verified owner)

    I’m lucky enough to live a short drive away from Matt so I was able to pick up my custom tenor model in person. What a lovely guy and clearly devoted to the business of making the best quality hand-made ukes for the best price. I absolutely love mine and it puts the ukes I own from other makers in the shade. The fact that an instrument this relatively inexpensive both looks and sounds so fantastic is positively unfair on competitors. All I can say to those considering buying a ukulele is this – don’t buy anything else until you’ve tried a Noah ukulele You’ll only regret it if you do!

  24. Sam lee

    Dear Matt
    Recently I have ordered a Noah Rosewood Spruce Tenor ukulele
    At the beginning I didn’t believe what have you said how good you Noak Rdsewood Speuc ukulele. Because the price is good and reasonable as I am the ukulele beginner iordered one after watched the demo The Noah Rosewood ukulele arrived Dublin Post office almost three weeks timed paid the tax and delivery to my door step at 18 th Aug Tuesday when I open it I can’t believed it is beautiful the rosewood shinning touch smooth after turn up the chords sounds beautiful warm and sweet Although I had been waiting almost a month I feel it worth to waiting and the price compares with other big name Noah is better.
    Thanks for you recomend me such beautiful and good instruments ukulele Noah
    Best regards

  25. Isabell Takal

    Beautiful instrument! Wonderful tone, I love it! Great service and no problem sending to Germany! It arrived within a week and this with covid and christmas coming! I am impressed! This will not be my last uke from Noahukulekes

  26. Daniel Pritchard (verified owner)

    This beautiful Noah Rosewood Spruce sounds every bit as good as it looks… It plays so well and keeps in tune right the way up its long finger board… The tone is mellow and sweet when played gently or finger picking, but fills out if strummed, the two woods complementing well… It is superbly crafted and looks great. Service from Matt was excellent and delivery fine… I warmly recommend Noah a ukuleles!

  27. Andrew Ferguson (verified owner)

    Got my Noah Rosewood Spruce just before Christmas. It is quite simply a thing of beauty. It sounds even better than it looks. If that is possible. Matt’s service and answering of questions was outstanding. I never normally write reviews but felt I had to. Highly recommended.

  28. barry2500wesley (verified owner)

    From Barry W. Thanks very much for a fabulous Noah Rosewood Spruce Tenor. Unbelievable sound, stunning looks, and superfast delivery. Can’t thank you enough.
    Started saving for my next Noah,- 8 STRING TENOR. 22/02/22.

  29. Doug Carr

    Had my rosewood spruce for a few weeks and I have to say I am over the moon. Brilliant tone and much easier to play than my old uke.
    Well chuffed.

  30. jeff33 (verified owner)

    What can I say that hasn’t already been said! This is a fantastic uke! All solid wood. Marvelous sustain & tone. Extremely well priced. Being honest I can’t fault it! If you have any doubts about buying a Noah? Cast them aside. This really is, an exceptional ukulele!!! The only problem I’m having is which one to buy next??

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