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A comparison of the Noah Soprano ukuleles

A few years ago, my good friend Matt Hicks did a great YouTube video comparing the Noah tenors and in particular looking at how the different woods affect the sound.

I’m often asked about how the Noah sopranos compare and which one I’d recommend, so thought it would be really useful to have a similar video which can hopefully help people to decide which one might be the best option for them.

First, let’s remind ourselves of what there currently is in the way of sopranos in the Noah range.

Noah Mahogany Soprano

I think it can be hard to beat an all-Mahogany instrument, especially in a soprano-size as it is just a very classy and lovely-sounding tone wood. This one was reviewed on Got A Ukulele back in 2017 and received a really positive review. It’s worth noting too that since the review, this uke no longer has a glossed bridge, has a wider nut width and is also available with the choice of either geared or friction tuners. Thanks for the advice on these things Baz 🙂

Noah Pineapple Soprano

This one has Mahogany back and sides paired with a Spruce top, giving it a really bright, classic soprano sound. It has twenty 5 star customer review on the website shop, and has probably been the most popular soprano in the Noah range since being introduced back in 2020.

Noah Rosewood / Spruce Soprano

Possibly the punchiest of all the Noah sopranos owing to the response that you get from the pairing of Indian Rosewood and Spruce! This uke takes no prisoners, and if you want to make sure you’re heard in a busy uke group, this could be the instrument for you 🙂

Noah Long Neck Soprano

This was a more recent addition to the Noah range. Made from Monkeypod wood, and featuring a slotted headstock, it’s a great choice for anyone wanting a bit more space on the fretboard, while still keeping that lovely bright, crisp sound that you get from a soprano.

So, here is the comparison video where you can hear all of these ukuleles being played.

Let me know which one you like best in the comments section below!

If you have any questions about any of them, email me at: