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More tenor ukuleles coming soon, plus a new and improved Mahogany Soprano!

I hope everyone is keeping well, despite winter (and lots of rain!) arriving. We have been very busy in the workshop and have lots of ukuleles arriving next month. Here’s a snapshot of what is coming:

Noah Super Tenor

This model has probably been the most popular Noah that we’ve ever made. It had a great review on Got A Ukulele, achieving an overall score of 9.2 out of 10. As a result, it seems to be out of stock rather often! We have a relatively small workshop space, so are limited in how many ukuleles we can make each year, and with the Super Tenor being so popular it can be tricky to manage this. The good news is that we have finished making more, and while a number of these have already been reserved, there are still some which at the time of writing are not spoken for yet!

Noah Tenor X

This is the most recent addition to the Noah range – a tenor model released earlier this year to celebrate 10 years of Noah Ukuleles! Off the back of another really strong Got A Ukulele review, this model also sold out fairly quickly – but more are on the way! Again, some of these have been reserved, but there are still a few which are currently unsold.

Mahogany Soprano

The Mahogany Soprano has been in the Noah range for a number of years now, and was reviewed back in 2017 on Got A Ukulele. It was praised for its ‘classy looks, good build quality, and typical soprano sound / bark’. There was also some great constructive feedback on this model, which led to some improvements on Noahs – side dot markers, friction tuners on subsequent Soprano models (Pineapple Soprano), etc. We’ve now decided to update the Mahogany Soprano, tweaking the design to hopefully build on the excellent review back in 2017 and make it an even better instrument. The new and improved Mahogany Soprano will:

  • be slightly smaller and lighter than previous Noah Sopranos
  • have a wider nut width of 37mm
  • have friction tuners
  • have side dot markers and an unglossed bridge (like all Noahs nowadays!)
  • have black binding and a subtle black soundhole rosette
  • be available to order with a choice of strings

Thanks for reading 🙂