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The return of Rosewood!

In 2017, CITES introduced restrictions on the sale of products containing Rosewood across international borders. This was mainly done in order to crack down on illegally made furniture in China, but it had a huge impact on the musical instrument industry. Rosewood has long been a key material in many instruments, and these restrictions posed many challenges for everyone. Here at Noah Ukuleles, we had to effectively stop making the Rosewood / Spruce Series.

However, from November 26th 2019, CITES lifted these restrictions and you no longer need a permit to buy, sell or move with instruments made with Rosewood.

This means that the Noah Rosewood / Spruce Series will soon be available again. It’s always been a very popular model in the Noah range as that classic combination of woods produces a lovely, crisp bright sound.

We recently finished making a small number of these ukuleles across various sizes and these will be available in around 3 weeks time.

Even though the CITES restrictions have been lifted, ukuleles with Indian Rosewood are at this time still quite rare. Due to this and the limited numbers, I am offering a pre-sale option so people can pay a 15% deposit in order to secure one before they go out of stock again.

If you are interested, please send an email to