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Anyone for a Super Ukulele?

I hope you and your ukulele(s) are well 🙂

It was another busy summer here at Noah Ukuleles as we saw the long-awaited return of some popular ukulele festivals. It was wonderful to be back at both Winchester Ukulele Festival and GNUF in Huddersfield to see some old friends, meet so many lovely ukulele-players and show them ukes from the Noah range.

Noah Super Concert

The newest addition to the Noah range is the Super Concert, which arrived in June 2022. This has a concert-sized body, paired with a tenor-scale neck. Like all Noah instruments, it’s handmade using all-solid woods – in this case, Mahogany for the back and sides, Spruce for the top. The longer neck gives it the feel of a tenor when playing, but the concert body means you get a brighter, snappier sound. Barry Maz had this to say about it in his Got A Ukulele review:

‘Fingerpicking is a joy both on tone, but also helped by the sustain and feel of the neck. The looks and tuners were always going to win me over here and the feel of the play is wonderful for my hands. Very much a recommendation from me!” 

This has been a really popular new model and is nearly sold out, though I do currently still have a few of these still available to order from my website.

I still have some of its big brother in stock, though they are selling fast – the Noah Super Tenor. This also received a really positive review on Got A Ukulele, and is worth consideration if you are looking for maximum projection from standard GCEA tuning.

Back to the workshop – and a new 10 year celebratory model!

We recently started work again in the workshop on more ukuleles, including a new model to celebrate the 10 year anniversary since I started Noah Ukuleles! I am very excited about this model, and have high hopes that this will be the best Noah yet. Hopefully, it will be available from January next year, but there will be more details on this before then.

Thanks for reading 🙂