Read in-depth reviews of Noah Ukuleles

Where can I see reviews of Noah Ukuleles? Over the years, a number of the ukuleles in the Noah range have been reviewed on the popular, well-respected website Got a Ukulele. This is one of the best online resources for ukulele players and in addition to the hundreds of instrument reviews, it also has free […]

What is a Guitalele?

What is a Guitalele and should I buy one? A Guitalele is described by many as something of a hybrid instrument, bridging that gap between a ukulele and a guitar. I would argue that this description perhaps does it a disservice and it is very much a distinctive sounding instrument in its own right! It […]

Ukulele care and maintenance

Storing your ukulele When thinking about how to take care of your ukulele, it is first important to remember that every single Noah Ukulele is handcrafted using all solid woods. Anything which is made from wood can be affected by changes in both the temperature and humidity. We keep our workshop at a consistent temperature […]