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Welcoming The Hedge Inspectors as Noah Ukuleles endorsees!

Over the past year, it’s been a pleasure to start to build up the number of Noah Ukuleles endorsees. Last year saw the likes of Simon Fernand and Phil Doleman join the growing list of musicians playing and endorsing Noah instruments.

I am delighted to announce that Mike and Caroline who together make up The Hedge Inspectors are now Noah endorsees. While exhibiting at ukulele festivals over the years, I’ve really loved watching them perform – they have wonderful original songs, great musicianship, and a very warm and engaging stage presence which I think really helps them to connect with their audience.

Here’s a video of them performing the song ‘Too Many Horses’. It’s an original song of theirs, and has lovely vocal harmonies. In this video, they are both using Noah Mahogany ukuleles specially made for them – one is a tenor and the other is a baritone.

Here’s what they had to say about their new ukuleles and becoming Noah Ukuleles endorsees:

‘We are delighted to have been asked to join the family of Noah endorsees and took delivery of these beautiful instruments at the end of 2020.  We are very grateful for the efforts of Matt and Ton to give us the ‘vegan build’ that we requested. 

We love the design and the simplicity of styling , with the matt finish and lack of ‘bling’. 

The build quality is excellent and the intonation spot on , but apart from all that they sound great together. 

Enabling us to play either entirely acoustically in unamplified folk environments , or around one microphone for recording , the tone wood allows for significant projection resulting in a very satisfying overall  sound . Although the baritone technically belongs to Mike and the tenor to Caroline , they are interchangeable , and we have great fun picking out tunes in the round. 

You will see them played in some of our upcoming videos , and also online at our ‘Unplugthewood acoustic open mic and jam ‘ currently on Facebook every Tuesday evening from 8pm . ‘

If you would like to find out a bit more about them or listen to some more of their music, here are some links below:

YouTube page

The Hedge Inspectors Website

The Hedge Inspectors Facebook Page