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Noah Rosewood / Spruce Tenor back in stock

The Noah Rosewood / Spruce Tenor was reintroduced to the Noah range in 2020 with a few design tweaks. Among the changes were a slotted headstock, pin bridge and more curvy lower-bout. Since then, it has been the most popular ukulele in the Noah range with numerous 5 star customer reviews. Barry Maz, from Got a Ukulele, reviewed it in June 2020 and described it as “… a joy to play and listen to”. It achieved the highest score of any Noah reviewed with 9.1 / 10.

With all Noah instruments still being made in a small workshop, we are quite limited by how many ukuleles we are able to make each year and as a result the Rosewood / Spruce was out of stock for quite some time.

Back in stock and now available with standard nut width

I am very happy to say that they are now available once again – however, currently I have them in a standard nut width of 36mm.

The reason for that is that in the past year, I’ve had a lot of people get in touch to say how they would really like to get the Rosewood / Spruce tenor but are concerned that the 39mm nut will prove too wide and make it difficult to play. As a result, we’ve made a small number of these with all the same design features as the uke reviewed on Got a Ukulele, but with a slightly narrower nut width of 36mm.

Wider nut version available again from July 2021

If you are keen on the wider nut version, we are currently making more of these and they will be back in stock again from July 2021.

If you missed the YouTube Got a Ukulele review first time around, here it is: